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Judith Bonnard

Director of Science Communications
Université de Sherbrooke

Judith Bonnard promotes scientific culture with the CLSE since almost 20 years. She also benefits of a weekly forum on Ici Radio-Canada Estrie for about two years.

She is the dynamic one of the scientific world in the region, it’s the constant contact with intellectual curiosity and the passion of young people from 4 to 21 years, who have covered the duration of her mobilization.

Through her involvement with the CLSE, she worked to make scientific knowledge easier to understand and to bring it not only to young people, but also to teachers at all levels, scientists from universities and companies, political representatives, the media and the general public. All this thanks to a dozen annual scientific activities and the support of more than 300 volunteers in the Eastern Townships alone.

With her background from a cultural formation in music and literature, Judith is passionate about her field. Stimulated by the sciences and technologies, whose ceaseless movement makes it a living environment, she knows how to create links, encourages them, values them, and appears as one of the strongest spokeswoman for accessibility to a scientific culture.

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