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Ernest Webb

Co-Founder/Creative Director/Vice-President

Born in Moose Factory and raised in the Cree community of Chisasibi, Ernest Webb has devoted his life to telling the stories of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples across all media. He is Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Vice President of Aboriginal Affairs at Schoolû.

Since 2010, Ernest has applied his film and TV production experience to game production. His game credits include the acclaimed PlayStation 3 adventure game, Papo & Yo, released in 2012 and celebrated as the birth of the new genre knowns as “empathy” games.

Ernest was also Co-creator of Spirits of Spring, a magical adventure game for mobile phones, set in the Canadian North and inspired by Cree mythology – it was released in October 2014.

Ernest Co-Founded Schoolû in 2015 to design and develop Canada’s only virtual reality (VR) learning programs approved by school boards. Supported by a team of game industry veterans with decades of combined award-winning experience, Schoolû applies the best of virtual game design know-how to ground-breaking didactic content to enhance learning for children of all ages. Schoolû’s The Niikaan Project, a three-year videogame development program for high school students was created for the Cree School Board and launched in 2015. Ernest then produced Niwîchewâkan, a Cree language learning game in VR, launched in three Cree School Board schools in 2016.