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Carole Nkoa

Communications Professional
Groupe Média TFO

Carole Nkoa has always been driven by her passion for communication, and 15 years ago, she decided to make it her career. She has a BA and a Master’s in Public Communications and Public Relations from Laval University, in Quebec. Her strong values and social engagement led her to build an international development career in the public sector, including the non-profit sector. In Cameroon, France and eventually Canada, she has been involved in socially oriented projects and initiatives that focused on a variety of issues: culture and patrimony, environment, health, violence against women, and immigration. Since joining Groupe Média TFO in June 2010, she has specialized in French-speaking communities and education.

Carole is passionate about her work, and she places great importance in the relationship between the organization and its audience. She has built on her expertise with the public to tailor solutions that align with the company’s vision and development. Her judgment skills, sharp analysis of complex issues, creativity, global vision and ability to anticipate challenges are assets that contribute to her holistic approach to communication issues. Her commitment and creativity were honoured at the Promax BDA in June 2015, when she received the Bronze prize for Groupe Média TFO’s outstanding 2013-2014 annual report. Carole has recently launched Mirabelle Créativité, a fledgling company that assists start-ups and small businesses in finding innovative solutions to their communication challenges.

Owner of a curious mind, full of live and energy, and always on the lookout for challenges, Carole Nkoa believes there are no communication problems, but rather spaces for dialogue between companies and the audiences they wish to attract in their pursuit of change.

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